What is your body shape ?

In response to a widespread demand, I decided to write these little guides about the different morphologies. A paperback, easy to carry on your purse for your shopping days. A serie of tips that may forever change your way to shop and dress up. Find out what works best for you!


The goal

To help you know what your morphology is, how to emphasize it, tips&tricks, and espacially traps to avoid.

To start :

To define your morphology, you must face a mirror in underwear or close-fitting clothes (to highlight your shape). Take a look at the size of your clothes: is your top size the same as your skirt and pants?

And do not panic, even with a small variation of weight, your morphology remains the same.

6 Different Body Shapes Of Women  :

  • Top hourglass morphology (8) : shoulders and hips are basically the same size and your waist is well defined.

  • Inverted triangle morphology (V): your bust is larger than your hips and the waist is not well defined.

  • Straight morphology (H) : shoulders and hips are basically the same size. The waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips.

  • Triangle morphology (A) : your hips are larger than your bust

  • Hourglass morphology (X) : you are thin with a small bust and a slim waist, shoulders and hips are basically the same size.

  • Oval morphology (0) : you are plump with sensual forms

If you do not succeed in finding out your morphology in spite of these indications, do not hesitate to send me a message with your exact measurements (shoulders, bust, waist, hips), I will be pleased to help you J.

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