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How to define your style ? Your personal shopper takes care of everything !



Shopping often turns into an obstacle course. Among the vast diversity of boutiques, the people and the tremendous collection of clothes there is, you have to make a choice, find the right size and eventually reach the fitting rooms, to finally end up stuck at the worst cash register: the one with the never-ending queue …

To top it all off, you come back home the head full of doubts one out of two times … “Was I right to take this one home ?”.

Does this scenario remind you of bad memories ? Know that you can avoid that !

How, you ask ? Call on a personal shopper !

This service is especially thought out for people who do not have time to waste, motivation or simply cannot make up their mind.

isn’t life beautiful?

How does the service work?

  • We have a prior chat (the goal of this exchange is to understand what is your morphology, take your body measurements and learn a bit more about your lifestyle and your personality)

  • We will go through your shopping list to best define what are your needs, your expectations and your budget.

  • We will deliver your outfits on the day, the time, the place of your choice.

  • We will take care of the shopping for you, delivery and eventually the replacements or refund if needed.


Seeking a relooking ? An image consulting ? A fashion coach to support you through your personal or professional shopping ?

It is possible ! We offer all these services to our clients.


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