Closet Makeover

What is your wardrobe filled with? Hidden treasures ? or things to avoid ?



Who doesn’t spend a long time going through the whole wardrobe with a goal, finding a cool outfit for the day.

The journey then begins … we try out everything we put our eyes on, we even come up with bold and brand new combinations that too often result in a disaster !

Too old ? Too ugly? Too inadequate or too mainstream ? This feeling, on the other hand, is actually real.

We usually end up mechanically put on pants and a top that will do for the day.

Depressing, uh ? And its repeating day after day.

Your decision is made, enough is enough ! Let’s sort it all out, tidy it up and get it organized.

If your wardrobe looks more like a shop rather than a personal dressing, it may be time to get it done ! Yes ! But …. how ?


Our goal

Lighten up, strip down and shine light onto the hidden treasures your wardrobe might conceal.

Help you cope with your clothing habits in order to give your wardrobe a fresh look.

Teach you how to use your wardrobe in a new and better way by working on how to mix up and combine what you already have.

And finally, introduce you to the wonderful world of accessories to put the final touch on your daily outfits.

How ?

By giving you pieces of advice to highlight your silhouette and taking into account your morphology, your lifestyle, your personality and your tastes.

By the end of this session, your wardrobe will be stripped down, optimised and sorted out, (promised !)

If you so desire, we also can go with you hand in hand for shopping


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