Personal relooking


Our job is based on listening and exchange.


A custom made support, a respectful transformation of your personality and expectations.

It is not a question of becoming someone else but to highlight your best assets.

A full package, spread on 2 days 


​Day 1

  •        Preliminary interview

  •        Sorting your dressing at home 

  •        Identify your morphology and the essentials of the wardrobe allowing to highlight your best assets.

  •        Colorimetry : know about your colors, and how to combine them.

  •        Definition of the dressing style matching with your expectations

  •        Find out your style at work, by night and for the week-end

Day 2

  •        Support for shopping and fashion advice.


Options :

  •       Hairstyle. Nothing beats a makeover hairstyle. Diagnostic, haircut, color ... A full and custom-made service to improve your image, according to your hair type, skin, shape, style, lifestyle… On quote  - duration adapted to the provided services.

  •       Make-up: our Make-up Artists provide personalized advice: self-make-up lesson in order to highlight your assets and help you determine your colors and make-up products. On quote  - variable duration

  •        Manicure and pedicure. On quotation – about 1 hour.

Following the service :

The « dressing planner » : the aim is to prepare in advance your next fashion styles for 7 days.

They are created regarding clothes and accessories you already own and those we bought.

You won’t have to rack your brain in front of your wardrobe anymore, all styles are created in advance.

You just need to select your fashion style into the look-book created by your stylist and this based your mood and schedules.


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