How to Choose The Right Bag For You

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The purse : the accessory number 1 !

No way to do without it: this detail makes all the difference !

Purses & shoes are the same : you never get out without them.

But how to choose?

You should consider several parameters: your morphology, the occasion and also the trend !

How to choose your purse according to your morphology?

If you are petite

  1. Focus on small purses. Big purses will tend to shrink your shape.

  2. Pick small handles and short shoulder straps: too long ones will tend to make you look smaller.

If you are tall

You can opt for all sizes.

If you are very tall, you should avoid small purses to not destabilize your shape.

If you are medium height, you are lucky enough to wear whatever you want.


If you have large hips, avoid purses falling on it which will tend to make them look bigger. On the other hand, for skinny hips, do not hesitate: it is made for you !

You have a classical style, difficulties with colors and you are tired to go unnoticed: the solution for you are accessories !

Be careful ladies, a nice looking purse is a quality one. Select your handbag with top quality materials and nice finishes. Dare originality and liven up your outfits with colored and original handbagds.

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