Essential shoes you should own

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Are you more casual, fashionista, sexy or all of the above? Your taste in shoes may tell a lot about you and your personality. So, what kind of shoes should you wear to feel comfortable ?

Against all odds, it does not only take high heels to have a slim figure. To enhance their effect on your silhouette, we shall carefully select a shape, a height or even a curve related to the flaws we try to hide or the assets we try to outline.

If you are petite

You may go with significantly high heels (no matter if they are stiletto or wedges, the most important is to feel comfy). Be careful not to exaggerate, overly big and high heels can easily make you look disproportionate.

Besides, do not forget that thin heels suit especially well slim shaped women. Thicker heels are a great way for plumper women to make their legs look thinner.

Avoid small heels (1 inch) ! They are likely to make you look older.

If you are tall

If you are tall with thin legs, lucky you ! Almost everything suits you. Stiletto or square shaped heels, flat shoes, boots … you have a lot to choose from !

If you have thicker legs, opt for wider heels : they will make your legs look thinner.

As far as shoe shapes are concerned, focus on round to not lengthen your feet.

If you have thin legs, your best allies are thigh-high boots.

On top of a jean, with a mini skirt or a short dress, thigh-high boots never disappoint. Although not everybody likes them, they are a key element in fashion. Undeniably, tall women tend to wear them easier.

They are also Ideal for women who want to look a bit shorter whilst keeping a fashion look.

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